Wentworth and Townsend the Gladwin Debate

Which Candidate is Ready to Represent the 97th?     Click Play on the Video and Listen as you Read (Wentworth and Townsend start at 17:20)…   In Lansing, Experience Counts My opponent, Jason Wentworth, has a very straightforward campaign.  He is well financed and a Republican, and that is all he feels he needs[…]

Recover the Economy, Make America Great Again.

Make America Great Again

Requiem for the American Dream I ran into an issue with a potential fundraiser the other day.  We were going to show a movie free of charge to raise some funds, but ran into an issue getting permission to do so and had to cancel.  As we were looking for a replacement, a friend suggested[…]

Electric Deregulation

Electric Deregulation- Is it the Answer?

Electric Choice- Is Deregulation a Cheaper Alternative? One of the buzz words being used by Republicans in the race for the 97 is Electric Choice- Deregulation of the Electric Market to increase competition and reduce costs to consumers by letting the free market control the price of electricity.  While the free market is a cornerstone[…]

Criminal Charges

Reduce Prison Population by Reducing Criminals

10 Commandments, 750 Criminal Offenses The headlines are full of stories about private prisons, prison overcrowding, and the high percentage of Michiganders that are incarcerated.  Before we expand our prison system, let’s make sure that our jails are for actual criminals.  We should also have a hard look at what constitutes a ‘Crime’. One thing[…]

CTE Millage

Career and Technical Education (CTE)- You can MAKE a DIFFERENCE

We Have an Opportunity! I am going to take a short break from the Campaign to Represent the 97th District to talk about Trade and Technical Education in our District.  We have an opportunity to make a difference on May 3- at a cost of about $50 per household, per year.  I encourage you to[…]