Politicians Like Michigan Fudge

Why have I been called the ‘Un-Politician’

Most politicians running for office tend to make generic statements to attract the most voters while saying the least and giving the fewest ‘Benchmarks’ against which their performance can be judged.  I’ve decided against this approach.  It may cost me some votes, but I’m going to be real about my positions, and you will know exactly how I feel on a subject- which lets you know how I would actually approach the issue in Lansing.

Take Michigan Fudge for example.  A typical politician will tell you ‘I like Michigan Fudge’, just like they will tell you they support Education, Law and Order, and the Second Amendment.  But in reality, who DOESN’T like Michigan Fudge?  Isn’t the important question ‘WHY I like Michigan Fudge’?  Won’t that tell you more about me and what I stand for?  You may not agree, but you will at least know where I am coming from.

I like Michigan Fudge because it is creamy and delicious.  When I eat it, I feel good.  I like the way it makes those around me feel when they eat it, and everyone is smiling.

But more importantly to me is that it represents memories of a Boy Scout trip with Troop 171 when I was 14- We went to Ontario with a few dads and canoed and fished.  As we crossed the Bridge the air was fresh, the water blue and we stopped for fudge.  It was a great experience of my youth and shaped my memory of Michigan when I lived out of state.

My 15 year old daughter and I wanted to spend some time together- I work many days a week, and we needed some one on one family time.  We went to St. Ignace on a fudge run.  During the 3 hour trip we reconnected and talked about nothing other than enjoying each other’s company.  On the way back we enjoyed some wonderful fudge bought in a small shop in town.  We brought extra back for the rest of the family so they could enjoy the experience as well.

I want families in the 97th to be able to do that type of trip together.  To do so, we need good roads, affordable gasoline, and jobs that allow us to have the time and a vehicle with which to make the trip.  We need small businesses making valuable fudge from inexpensive ingredients according to old family recipes, in shops they rent or took over from their parents (chatting with the fudge makers is part of the whole ‘Michigan Fudge’ experience).

Politicians will tell you they like Michigan Fudge and leave you to figure out what that means without making promises or offending you.  But now you know WHY Dr. Robert Townsend likes Michigan Fudge, and if that follows along with what you value as a resident the 97th, you can count it as another reason to vote to send him to Lansing to represent you in the house.

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