DeVos Candidate Mocks Democrats

“I want to share some “fun” facts with you. Republicans received an average of 74% of the total votes across the District! Leaving the Democrats with a lonely 26%.”

Jason Wentworth, the DeVos sponsored Republican candidate for the 97th District has apparently returned from vacation and is back on the campaign trail.  Rather than humbly thanking the voters for their support and addressing his massive, out of district funding, he took the opportunity to mock the democratic voters of the 97th.  This is typical of the Kingmaker driven Republican Machine in Lansing.

Why I have the Support of Democrats AND Republicans

Running for the 97th is not a career move for me.  I’m a successful doctor.  It will disrupt my practice and involve a significant pay cut.  There were a number of reasons I decided to run, the first being I was tired of the arrogance of the Michigan Republican Kingmakers in Grand Rapids and Southfield.  My opponent personifies this arrogance- It is clear from his statement congratulating himself that the Republicans have this one, and the Democrats in the 97th, much like the Democrats in the Republican controlled House and Senate in Lansing, don’t matter and won’t stand in his way.

This is completely the opposite of my motivations to run.  I don’t want to be part of a “Machine” that can run over the opposition and promote the ‘machine’s agenda’.  I want to engage them, hear their concerns and work towards a solution that fits both. I want to represent the residents of the 97th, republican, democrat, catholic, protestant, male and female.  I don’t mock 26% of the residents of the District as insignificant, their views mean something to me. Democrats are slightly less than 50% of the voters of this District, but if elected, I will represent 100% of the people of the District and address their concerns.

The Primary Results

I too have had the opportunity to go over the primary results.  Fewer than 1 in 5 registered voters turned out, typical of a primary.  Mr. Wentworth, there will be more in the general.  The Primary was closed, requiring voters select a Republican or Democratic ballot.  Looking at the Democratic ballot, there wasn’t much contention in the races.  But on the Republican side there were highly contested races for the State House, County Clerk, and several others. Candidates on both sides were working hard to get the vote out, and most of those candidates were Republican- it is pretty much expected there would be a higher turnout.

Yes, 3/4 of the 19% of the voters were voting Republican.  Not a one voted for a Republican Clerk candidate AND a Democrat House Candidate.  Of the Democrats, 60% supported me, a respectable 20% over my challenger.  60% of the Republicans voted for someone other than you, Mr. Wentworth.  In fact, one of your Republican opponents endorsed me rather than you over the huge amount of out of district money you have taken from the DeVos Family. Republican Kingmakers are attempting to influence elections all over the state, and that is not lost on your opponents and the voters of the 97th.

Yes Mr. Wentworth, only 26% of the voters in the Primary were Democrats.  But that insignificant number of residents you mocked gave me over half the total votes you received despite having over 3 times the turnout we did.  Brian Johnson only got 8% of the vote, but that was nearly 1/4 as many as you got, and he was so upset about your out of district funding, he recommended his supporters vote for me in November.

The General Election

So before you get all cozy, buy some suits and hire a decorator for your office in Lansing, just remember a couple of things Mr. Wentworth.  The General Election is coming in November.  Unlike you, I won EVERY county in the 97th by a comfortable margin of those 26%.  They have friends and will bring them to the General Election.  Republicans that want to control their own District rather than let the DeVos Family pick their representative will vote republican in some races and democrat in others- including the House race.  Supporters of Johnson, Link, Gilmore and Winarski that objected to the unfair advantage the Kingmakers gave you over their candidate may look for a fresh voice FROM THE DISTRICT to represent them.

People are Tired of Kingmakers

The theme of the election this year is not regulations and ‘business as usual’.  People are tired of the Kingmakers pushing their agenda in Lansing.  They are tired of emergency managers that can’t manage and usurp elected officials. People are tired of the Gerrymandered districts where half the vote gets 3/4 of the representation in Lansing.  They are tired of the anti labor agenda of the Republican Kingmakers.  They are tired of the lopsided votes with immediate effect.  Finally, there are 500,000 people in Michigan that signed petitions to get marijuana and fracking to a vote of the people, and watched the game makers in the Capital change the rules at the last minute to knock them off the ballot.

In short, this ain’t over till it is over.  I’m just starting my ground game, I have the support of the local parties, I have endorsements from everyone from the National Organization for Women to the NRA.  My support comes from the District- and many that supported your opponents in the primary are my family, patients, friends and supporters.  You mock the Democrats, that fine.  You can mock the Republicans that crossed party lines to support me, that’s fine too. But in the end, those numbers will add up.  My ground game is just starting, in fact I had an entire county that was left out of the campaign in the primary- I attended not one meeting.  Yet at the fairs, at county meetings, and on the street folks recognize me and call me by name.  I’ll see you in November Mr. DeVos.

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  • i have spoken with many people who don’t vote in the Primaries. They do, however, plan to vote for you in the General election.

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