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The Republicans Destroyed Voter Initiatives Yesterday

Voter Initiatives Died Yesterday I started working on this article about a month ago.  Rather than publish it, I held back in the spirit of a positive campaign.  Yesterday the Republican House finished the work of the Republican Senate and destroyed voter initiatives in Michigan with party politics and dirty tricks.  Civic minded lawmakers like[…]

Salute the Flag

Veterans Can Salute the Flag

Military Salute I remember saluting the flag while in the Army.  While in uniform I rendered the military hand salute, but in civilian clothing I lost that honor.  Apparently, the law has changed (2008) and as veterans, we now have the honor of continuing the military salute in respect to our prior service. While this[…]

no fault insurance

Why does My No Fault COST SO MUCH???

Michigan Amongst Highest Cost for No Fault- Why? Michigan leads the nation in No Fault Insurance Premiums.  The national average is $1325 per year, Michigan comes in at $2738 and our nearest competitor for the ‘most expensive’ title is Montana at nearly $500 a year less.  We extensively researched this issue and I spoke with[…]


The Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Debacle

DPS Currently Pays $1,100 per Student for Debt In an era where education consumes 31% of the State’s Budget, the already struggling Detroit Public Schools are being forced to divert over $1,100 per student simply to pay their outstanding operating debt.  The Legislature recently had to pass an emergency funding bill of nearly $50 Million[…]