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Four Major Aspects of our Platform


Doctors spend more time begging insurance companies for authorization to properly treat patients and negotiating care than they do treating patients. Medical care is being dictated by politicians in Lansing and from the Bench without physician input. Pain management and addiction medicine are being treated as legal problems rather than treatable conditions. Alternative medicine approved by the voters is being undermined for political and economic reasons, rather than supported as an alternate to the growing narcotic abuse epidemic. We need a physician’s input to keep healthcare centered on patients and a working physician’s insight into healthcare in Lansing.

Justice Reforms

Too often our citizens find themselves powerless when the government comes calling. We need a stronger public defender system with resources on par with the prosecution. We need better resources for families dealing with CPS. We need to revise many laws that are out dated. We need to restore concepts of equal justice to the the court system. We need to refocus the resources from the War on Drugs spent on incarceration to prevention and substance abuse treatment. We need to reverse the very concerning trend of bringing surplus military equipment and tactics into our communities.

Small Business

We need to promote small businesses in manufacturing and construction to rebuild Michigan. We need to use our natural resources and skilled workers to attract industry to our state. We need to provide tax incentives and infrastructure assistance. Small Business needs tax assistance, start up financing, web support, and training to revitalize our economy. We also need to help business owners keep an eye on the bottom line by controlling taxes and regulatory burdens.


We are seeing college graduates with massive debt and few job prospects related to their degrees. Our skilled trade schools are underfunded and underutilized. We need to concentrate on preparing our students for life, not the next standardized test. Our small businesses need education- tax law, accounting, building business plans. Web design for business, marketing, and business writing. We currently have ‘college tracks’, ‘industrial arts tracks’, we need to develop ‘business skills tracks’.

Why Dr. Robert Townsend for District 97?

A uniquely qualified candidate that shares your experiences
Dr. Robert Townsend's Qualifications
  • A Physician is trained in making important decisions

    A physician builds their entire career based on their listening skills, assessments and ability to develop solutions based on the evidence, investigation and training. Being in the legislature involves the ability to make hard decisions. Few professions match medicine for difficult and potentially live altering decisions.

  • Experience with Legal System and Legislature

    Dr. Townsend has testified as an expert in civil and criminal cases and before the House Judiciary Committee. He has been a litigant as both a plaintiff and a defendant. Many of his patients, friends and family members have been involved in court cases. He has a close and continuing relationship with a number of criminal defense attorneys who have shared with him their concerns about reforms. Dr. Townsend has extensive experience with Section 8 defenses of patients under the medical marijuana act and has seen first hand the disparities and inconsistencies of the enforcement of the act. Dr. Townsend has been wrongfully accused and acquitted by jury at trial.

  • Small Business Owner

    Dr. Townsend has built a small business from one medical clinic to 10 clinics over 6 years. He has supervised employees, dealt with tax issues, and marketing. We employ our staff above minimum wage, created custom designed software related to our field, and developed protocols which were later incorporated into the standard of care for our field. The strength of his business was based, in part, on Dr. Townsend's ability to identify markets and respond to needs in the community.

  • A life long student and the father of students

    Besides first hand experience in K-12, Dr. Townsend attended an additional 12 years of school and still participates in continuing education. As a father, Dr. Townsend not only helps with homework, but tries to instill a love of education and learning to his children. He is a strong proponent of critical thinking and problem solving over rote memorization.

Dr. Robert Townsend

A Different Kind of Democrat
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Medical Marijuana

Dr. Robert Townsend is a leading advocate of Alternative Medicine (including medical marijuana), Pain Management and Addiction. He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. His advocacy for medical marijuana goes back 6 years- he was involved in the ‘bonafide dr/pt relationship’ act in 2012 that developed the standards for MMMA Certifications. He has advocated for the use of cannabis for PTSD and has testified both in court cases as an expert witness and before governmental panels as an expert on pain, medical marijuana and addiction.
Dr. Robert Townsend is a strong advocate for patients interested in Medical Marijuana
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Second Amendment Rights

Dr. Robert Townsend is a life long hunter and long distance shooter. He is a CPL holder and a member of the Clare Rod and Gun Club and a long distance range in the UP (600 yard firing line), and an expert with high powered rifles. Although he hasn’t had the chance to participate recently, he enjoys sporting clays and fly fishing. An Independent Democrat, he strongly supports gun rights and and gun sports- a potential key voice for sportsmen and CPL Holders in the House Democratic Caucus.
Dr. Robert Townsend is a strong advocate of Second Amendment Rights
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Return Government to the People

Dr. Robert Townsend believes that good government involves a give and take between parties. Currently one party controls Michigan, and it is essential that the other party controls the House to keep them honest. We are seeing laws bullied through the legislature and put into immediate effect without so much as a roll call vote. Examples include the destruction of voter initiatives, emergency managers and the debacle in Flint (where safety was traded for cost savings). The will of 500,000 Michigan voters that signed 2 petitions related to marijuana and one related to fracking were voided by the Republican dominated State Government- Regardless of how you feel on those issues, you will not have the opportunity to vote on the matters as the Michigan Constitution intended.
Dr. Robert Townsend believes in healthy political discussion, and to do so we need to hear the voices of Republicans AND Democrats.
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Dr. Robert Townsend believes that education is an investment in the future. While most consider education to be synonymous with ‘college bound’ students, Dr. Townsend firmly believes in vocational education. A strong supporter of public schools, Dr. Townsend does NOT support the siphoning of public education money off to charter and internet schools, believing instead that students opting out of public school should pay some tuition and their per capita state aid should remain in their local public schools. Charter schools should exist to provide specialty track education- in the sciences or arts for example, and NOT compete for general education dollars with public schools.
Dr. Robert Townsend is a firm supporter of public education and vocational education.


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